Urban Design Institute of Korea(UDIK) was founded in Seoul on March 11, 2000 in the objective of commitment to urban improvement and to create urban cultures by exploring a new approach to accommodate global changes and new directions of urban design and upgrade the quality of professionals at the turn of the 21st century Korea.

The Institute is open to all bodies including professionals, students and citizens who share the various interests in the urban Korea. It is as to accelerate their interactions for the better researchㆍdevelopmentㆍimplementation of present urban planning and design issues and redefine the concept of urban design in the present context. Operating STUDIO, Seoul International Urban Design Studio Workshop 2000, Urban Design Conference, a field trip as well as publishing the quarterly Urban Design Journal and Urban Review, UDIK academically contributes as well as opens up the universal horizon of Korean society's understanding of urban design.

For the sound establishment and improvement of UDIK, Byung-gi Kang(1st president, 2000-01), Young-Sub Song(2nd president, 2002-03), Jong-Hyun Choi(3rd president, 2004-05) and Gyun-Hyuk Ahn(4th president, 2006-present) take the leadership role in the urban design field. Accordingly the Institute now has 1,900 members and PusanㆍUlsanㆍKyoungnam Branch since it started with 300 members in year 2000. UDIK has been initiating the transformation process of 21st century urban Korea and unveiled the new urban vision for the future.

brief History

March 11, 2000 Foundation Congress of UDIK at Seoul National University
May 25, 2000 First UDIK Seminar held at Hoam Convention Center, Seoul National University
August 13∼25, 200 Seoul International Urban Design Studio Workshop at the Graduate School of Environmental Studies, Seoul National University.
December 30, 2000 Journal of Urban Design (Vol.1, No.1) published.

Organization and Committees

- Yang Yoon Jae (Presidential Commission on Architecture Policy)

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